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To date, the management department of the AAREVA REAL ESTATE AGENCY has declared no claim of unpaid rent to its insurer for the last 10 years

The MANAGEMENT service of AAREVA REAL ESTATE is in charge of performing the following tasks, while ensuring a constant administrative, technical, legal and financial follow-up:

1.Look for the tenant
  • File study
  • Ads by media (newspaper, internet)
  • Partnerships with employers in employment area
  • Signs on the property
  • Advertising on our estate agency window

2.Show customers around real property

A collaborator of the cabinet accompanies the candidate for the visits of presentation of the good.

3.Eligibility of the tenant's application

Our know-how and our professionalism allow us to study the solvency files of the candidates with the greatest care and the greatest rigor. The lessee claiming the lease must meet solvency criteria consistent with those of our insurer. In some cases we will ask for a guarantee from a guarantor for whom we will also check the solvency criteria. Proofs of resources are verified. In the case of a recent recruitment, a certificate validating the end of the probationary period is requested.

Today, thanks to the guarantees offered by our insurance partner, you can be certain of a regular payment of rents, charges and taxes, regardless of the evolution of the financial situation of your tenant, and to recover housing in good condition, even if the tenants have deteriorated it before their departure. You will also benefit from a Legal Protection for all the problems related to the lease contract.

More importantly, with reference to the legislation of the eviction procedure: it is long, expensive and unfortunately the costs of procedure are your responsibility. However, if you subscribe to this guarantee, these costs will be covered.

4.Incoming inventory of fixtures

We draft a lease that complies with the legislation and proceed with the inventory of fixtures. If necessary, we carry out the preliminary expertises with the agreement of the owner.

We require at the entrance, a comprehensive home insurance which we check validity on each anniversary date.

5.Management of the property
  • reception of the apartment and lifting of any reservations
  • Verification that the apartment is insured
  • call for rent and security deposit
  • follow-up of the payments
  • Revision of the rent according to the legislation
  • Regularization of provisions on charges with the reality of charges
  • stopped rental charges,
  • Litigation and procedures (reminder unpaid, order to pay, etc.),
  • help with the declaration of land revenue,
  • grant applications
  • Relations with the trustee and payment of the expenses of co-ownership.
  • Representation at general meetings
  • We do small urgent work or those involving safety (after agreement of the owner).
  • For the most important interventions, we submit quotes to the agreement of the owner.
  • After reminders of unpaid rent, we initiate the necessary procedures to enforce the tenant the settlement or evict the defaulting tenant.

6.Departure of the tenant

We accept legal leave with proof by confirming the dates of notice and notify the owner.

We establish the outgoing inventory of fixtures and impute to the tenant its possible deteriorations.


Our remuneration depends on the level of guarantee desired by the owner:

Management Mandate, Option COMFORT
Rental management
Tax benefit: all fees are deductible 100% of property income

Management Mandate, Option SERENITY
Rental management + Guarantee for rent unpaid + real estate deteriorations
Fully deductible cost of property income

Management Mandate, Option PREMIUM QUALITY
Rental management + Guarantee for rent unpaid + real estate deteriorations + validation of the file by our insurer a priori.