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Any real estate agent can make a valuable opinion, but only an Appraiser can make an estimate of market value.

The valuation expert applies engineering methods that require a correct diagnosis of the valuation or depreciation of the real estate and must be both:

  • Technician to make a technical judgment of the value (type of construction, architectural quality, condition of the building and equipment, etc.).
  • Economist: the exchange value of a good also depends on the supply and demand (thus the economic context) as well as the technical qualities of the good.
  • Lawyer: the expert must have knowledge of private law (easements, rent law, etc.) and public law (town planning law, expropriation law, etc.)
  • Tax advisor: the expert must keep abreast of the tax regulations and its evolutions in order to assess their impact on the functioning of real estate markets.

A Real Estate Expert may act as part of an amicable expertise, or as part of a judicial intervention and is then appointed by a court to which he is accredited.

The Expert can intervene to fix the market value of your property in the following situations:

  • Sale or purchase real estate
  • Mortgage: Mortgage guarantee
  • Succession, donation, sharing
  • Liquidation of community of property
  • IFI statement
  • Expropriation
  • Fixing or revising of a rent
  • Tax adjustments
  • Eviction procedure
  • Evaluation of a rental value
  • Etc....

In any case, an expert in valuation of market value will intervene only within the framework of a signed mission order after acceptance of a written cost estimate.

Contact us for any studies; Michel HEUILLET is Expert in Evaluation, specialist of the Commingeois sector.


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